Vostochnaya Kommercheskaya is a consulting company

focused on the promotion of Czech companies in Kazakhstan and also, the other way round, on supporting the Kazakh companies in the Czech Republic. We are a group of managers from various areas and countries who have been brought together by their interests in Kazakhstan.

we are able to provide professional representation to the Kazakh companies and help them succeed in the Czech market.

Our services

Regional experts represented by the VK company come from Russia, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic. We have a professional and reliable background, our team of associates in Kazakhstan includes both Czechs and Kazakhs.
Our representatives have been holding positions in different areas, such as:

Consulting companies

- Registration /re-registration of companies (LLP, JSC, etc.)
- Making amendments to the constituent documents
- Transaction support
- Other consultations and assistance

Сommercial activity

- wholesale of overalls
- car mats
- Atmos Compressors
- DZ Drazice Water Heaters

Representation of Companies:

- Enkom a.s.
- ZVVZ Milevsko a.s.
- Armatury Group a.s.
- ALFI Technologies Group

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Business model

We do not insist on flat rates for our consulting services. Our evaluation is based on the success achieved.

It is simple and transparent: We study the issue and set the goal together.

We agree on the remuneration for the goal achieved (so called success fee) and our company then elaborates and carries out a complex solution for implementation of the goal we have set.

Our certificates

Why us

For Czech companies in Kazakhstan

Successful international business is not viable without the presence of top and well-trained managers. We provide the Czech companies in Kazakhstan with continuous presence of our Czech managers (with technical, economic or legal background), who excel in the language and are very familiar with the environment.

We introduce our clients to the issue very quickly – our experts know how to act within the Kazakh market, where they may ask for help and what they should expect; they are then able to grasp the essence of the issue very briskly and watch it being solved, they have the best contacts and remove all the language and cultural barriers.

Examples of potential barriers:

  • Heavy administrative burden - companies doing business in Kazakhstan must generally deal with more administration than in the Czech Republic. However, we take this setback for an advantage. We are acquainted with the Kazakh administrative system and we know how to get the Czech party ahead of competition. We can easily establish companies, negotiate with the authorities, and customs and address any other administrative matters.
  • Personal contact - as mentioned on the What is Kazakhstan page, the Kazakh traders prefer personal meetings. Long distance makes arranging things more complicated, it is best to present the business offer in person. Good skills in Russian language are essential for personal meetings with Kazakhs. Owing to our presence in the country and an excellent knowledge of the language, conducting any negotiations (as a Czech company representative) is a matter of course. 
  • Presentations at trade fairs - experience shows that the success rate of the personal promotion of company at fairs is very high. Kazakhs appreciate personal contact the most and participation of a Czech company in one of the many local shows can bring numerous new and highly appealing business opportunities. Participation in such fairs helps us break down the eventual language and cultural barriers, and also helps with professional presentation of Czech companies literally tailored for the Kazakh market.
  • Necessity of the right contacts - in Kazakhstan, the structures often change, so steady personal contact is almost a must. It is always good to know where to go and whom to address. In the course of our activities on the local market, we established excellent contacts and we can handle all the issues from A to Z, for the sake of Czech companies.

For Kazakh companies in the Czech Republic

Before entering the Czech market, it is essential to do all the necessary paperwork. That is quite demanding a task in the Czech Republic and calls for careful preparation. We help the Kazakh companies meet all the requirements and we prepare an optimum solution for a smooth access to business in the Czech Republic.

Prosperous conduct of international business is usually interconnected with successful overcoming of obstacles, either of administrative, language or cultural nature. Having the right contacts is also of a great importance. We will help the Kazakh companies in the Czech Republic with overcoming all the obstacles, we will procure the right connections – we have the best top management contacts among major Czech companies.

Examples of potential barriers:

  • Language and manners — it is important to take the diversity of manners into account not only in respect to business meetings. Since we are native Czechs, we know what is what in our culture, what should or, on the other hand, should not be done. We help to overcome all the cultural and language barriers. We act and speak on behalf of the Kazakh takers in Czech language, which means a great competitive advantage.
  • Having the right contacts - without knowing the right people, the business offer usually does not get to the right place. But we know personally the top managers in many major Czech companies working in various fields. We provide direct negotiations with businessmen or top managers who are essential for discussing the offer.
  • Administrative burden – administration associated with foreign firms entering the Czech market really requires a good deal of preparation. We will spare the Kazakh companies this complex process, for we are fairly familiar with Czech administration and will be helpful with arrangements such as establishing a company and dealing with the authorities and customs.

The Czech market

For Kazakhs, the Czech market is traditionally associated with developed industry and engineering and with the oil, gas and other mineral resources supplies from the side of Kazakhstan.

We know and will reveal many opportunities which are waiting on the Czech market. We are ready to solve any issue and assist with removing the barriers to achievement.

We have a direct access to the top management of renowned Czech companies.

Our partners

In the Czech Republic

ZVVZ Milevsko

the ZVVZ a.s. company is a long-standing and reliable supplier of ecological assemblies and devices. After its foundation in 1948, it soon became the biggest air conditioning equipment producer in Czechoslovakia and managed to build up a network of installation and service centres. In the present, the ZVVZ Group holding comprises several member companies.​


Armatury Group

the Armatury Group a. s. is a time-proven Czech producer of industrial fixtures. The customers of this company comprise of large and significant companies from the area of both regular and nuclear power industries, chemistry and petrochemistry, metallurgy and gas and water industry.


Enkom a.s

Enkom a.s. is an engineering company with detailed knowledge of markets in Russia and other countries of the former CIS such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Moldavia, and focuses on export of technological equipment, supplies of power units and providing turnkey deliveries.


Gumárny Zubří, a.s

 Gumárny Zubří, a.s. is a rubber factory which uses its own research facilities and facilities for rubber compounds development, laboratories, testing facilities, development of tools construction and jigs. The company has manufacturing capabilities for mixing rubber compounds, the most advanced injection moulding and rubber injection moulding machines for thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers, or traditional hydraulic presses and equipment for profiles and hoses extrusion.


Atmos Chrást s.r.o.

 Company primary objectives in the compressed air business are rotary screw compressor manufacture, air end manufacture.


Envites, spol. s.r.o.

Envites, spol. s r.o. delivers complete engineering services from consultancy, technological research, filtration tests, development, design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment to delivery of complex turnkey technologies and service.​


DZ Drazice

 The Druzstevni zavody Drazice company is the No. 1 producer of water heaters in the Czech Republic. In the production programme of the company there are different models of water heaters with vertical, horizontal, stationary, electric and combined design in volumes from 5 to 1000 litres, and also indirect stationary water reservoirs (exchangers) in volumes from 100 to 1000 litres.


Karl Englisch High School

Karl Englisch High School has been working in the educational area for many years, and the main priority is the individual approach to the students. Not only graduates of secondary schools and colleges can study at the university, but also those who have graduated from school long time ago. Training is offered in daily or combined form.


Specialized Center of Education and Languages

The priority of the centre is the support of those foreign students – applicants who want to pass entrance exams and study at universities in the Czech Republic. The main objective is through preparation of a student to use Czech language which is possible to extent with other subjects according to our offer and student's wishes.


Pavliš a Hartmann Firefighting Equipment

The fire equipment is produced directly by the company, so the equipment is delivered as soon as possible, with excellent service, professional advice and technical support are provided.


Kentico is the only fully integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform

That allows you to create cutting-edge websites and optimize your digital customers’ experiences fully across multiple channels.


In Europe  


Founded in 2009, RELINEEUROPE has since made a name for itself internationally as a system supplier for pipe rehabilitation companies.


Our partners

In Kazakhstan  


KGNT company is one of the leading Kazakh companies in the field of design and engineering services for projects in the petrochemical and gas industry.



The KazNIPIEnergoprom company is engaged in comprehensive planning, design and research in design works in the energy industry, including its further development.


Central Asia Cement

Central Asia Cement is a major player in the cement industry.


Kazakhstan Engineering

the state-owned company Kazakhstan Engineering is one of the largest military-industrial enterprises of the country. They specialize in the areas of oil and gas, rail transport, agriculture, production of heat and electricity, as well as weapons and military equipment manufacture.​



an organization bringing together the interests of producers, suppliers and consumers of agricultural products and means of production. It deals with all the cycles of production and marketing of food and related agribusiness sectors. 



Vostochnaya Kommercheskaya consulting company – professional representation of Czech companies in Kazakhstan and Kazakh companies in the Czech Republic. 

The entrepreneurial activity of companies is currently focused on the constant expansion of foreign markets of the sale of products and services, while the business activity of the markets of Kazakhstan has always attracted special attention of international foreign corporations and foreign companies. The success of any project is largely determined by the choice of a reliable and experienced partner who can provide qualified help and assistance in the formation and development of the business.
We can offer our consulting services in a wide range of issues including financial and legal activities.

Registration /re-registration of companies (LLP, JSC, etc.)

Making amendments to the constituent documents

Transaction support

Other consultations and assistance in advancing on civil, contractual as well as financial, tax, labour and migration law

Assistance in the search of partners in Kazakhstan and abroad

Assistance in promoting your business in Kazakhstan at all stages of its development

The algorithm of our work is as follows :

  1.  Face-to-face consultation of customers.
  2.  Creation of an individual scheme of work with every customer.
  3.  Assistance to a foreign customer at all stages of the transactions.

This is not a complete list of our services. The final level of service is determined individually for each and every customer. Our goal is to provide new and already evolved companies with a full range of services for easy entry to and further successful operation in the market in Kazakhstan.

Our activity is your success!

Atmos Compressors
One of the activities of our company is the sale of mobile Atmos compressors. The price of units is one of the most favourable among similar offers.
Mobile Atmos compressors are essential for the arrangement of construction, road works and other field operations. Structurally, they are manufactured so that the equipment could be delivered to the facility towed to the vehicle. Usually, the units are additionally equipped with petrol or diesel engine, to which the pneumatic tools are connected.
PDP and PDK are the series of mobile Atmos compressors. Their power varies between 12.5kW and 255kW, allowing the customer choosing the model to perform any operation. The most efficient is the use of a diesel engine since it is more economical and powerful compared to petrol one. The modern equipment is equipped with automatic control systems that allow you to accurately control the amount of fuel.
When selecting the model of the mobile Atmos compressor, one should take into account the loads at which the unit will be operated and the maximum efficiency that should be provided. The higher the power, the more fuel is consumed. All units of this manufacturer have a high degree of safety. When critical parameters are reached, the units are automatically shut down.

Mobile helical screw compressors 5-11m³/min
Mobile helical screw compressors 2-5m³/min

DZ Drazice Water Heaters
One of the main advantages of water heaters except for the most modern technologies, the best materials and strict quality control during the production process is the unique system of fuel cells.
The heating element is not an immersion heater but a dry ceramic tube placed in steel lining. Since the lining is made of the same material as the water heater’s tank (steel), there is no galvanic reaction. Other manufacturers mainly use immersed heating elements from other materials such as copper or stainless steel which sooner or later will lead to metal corrosion.
The system of ceramic heating elements has an exceptionally high resistance against aggressive water environment (like hard water) and significantly extends the service life of tank under all conditions.

Accumulating vessels
Water heaters and indirect heating boilers